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Subject: Why Free GPRS closed?
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sonaligt 2.11.07 - 08:13am
Hi friends,I am new in this forum.Please tell why free GPRS closed. *

gtalk 2.11.07 - 10:01am
Well dear sonaligt, free GPRS closed coz now one want to provide free service..in past we use free GPRS coz that was a technical fault in programing!Now airtel have solved that problem and that's why we're unable to access free GPRS.So now we have to pay for it. *

farhat86 2.11.07 - 03:20pm
beta sonalight lol...
free gprs ko close hue mahino ho gaye hai, aour tum ab jaag rhe ho *

gtalk 3.11.07 - 08:14am
Par, ek batt manne hoge ..jab se free GPRS band hua hai ..tab c !..Mobile Office ka speed zada ho gae hai !.. *

farhat86 4.11.07 - 04:59pm
100 % right ! *

akashtin 28.01.08 - 05:56am
. .hi zEetalk thiz my first reply. . .buT frEe gprS still woRking . . .hmM! *

yogii 26.02.08 - 06:40pm
lovebeat_20649.gif airtel bharti haha! . . .Hey gtalk bhai, , i am enjoying free NOP on my airtel simcard from about 6 month more! and i also using free mo on my other card whom i brought 4m other state! *

xiiiao81 5.03.08 - 01:02pm
Lol, its forsure date could block that free gprs, cos everting is expensive u have wife, children to earn, and bla bla bla bla bla life as difficult as now than everting payable xpensive lol, luking a gr8 job wasnt easy brootherhood hakhakhakhak enjoy the net lol tomato.GIF *

y.hitesh 18.08.08 - 04:28am
Really free gprs still working?wat a joke.ha ha *

mini1708 5.10.08 - 01:15am
Yes it works in our mind only *

rjnish 29.03.09 - 10:25am
Believe it or not bt its still working on some lucky numbers:P :D *

tan12 19.10.09 - 07:51pm
Airtel free Gprs is still Working! *

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